Day 51: Bump, Bump, Bump

Mike and I took the girls to the "tree" at the mall the other day.  For those of you out of the jet setting fabulous life of toddlers, the "tree" is the place you go to play when it is either rainy or blazing hot and you just can't play outside but you also can't stay inside the comfort of your own home for one more second because if you do someone is going to lose their mind or die.

We were at the "tree" on this particular day and it was crazy crowded!  Not only was it crazy crowded, but there were tons of big kids who had been left to "supervise" their little siblings, but what that usually equates to is a bunch of big kids way too big to be playing at the tree, running crazy and stepping all over little kids.

AND, if any of you know big Mike, AT ALL, you know he isn't going to take one second of nonsense off those big kids, ESPECIALLY if they even REMOTELY come close to his precious princess baby girls. (But that's another blog).

I noticed something interesting and challenging about the little kids though.  They were crazy and running around too.  Very wrapped up in their own little worlds of running and jumping and bouncing and skipping and sliding and running and jumping.  (did I mention there was lots of running and jumping?)

And on a pretty frequent basis someone either stepped on someone else, or bumped into someone else, or flat out knocked someone else over.

And when this happened, the offended party would look menacingly at the offending party (or burst into tears) at which point the offending party would quickly say, "sorry" and the offended party would say, "that's okay" and both parties would be immediately "over it" and they'd go right back to being okay and running and jumping and being wrapped up in their own little worlds.

I thought to myself, "Why can't grown-ups be like that?" 

We bump into others.  We inadvertently step on them or maybe even flat out knock them over.  And when that happens, why can't we just say we're sorry, forgive each other, and just move on and be over it?

All that to say, I never cease to be amazed by what I learn from toddlers. 

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