Day 29: Mommying

We don't know what tomorrow holds. For that matter, we don't know that there will BE a tomorrow. So learning to live one day at a time is a pretty good idea. One I have not yet fully learned to embrace.

There is such a balance in living for today, but being practical about tomorrow.

For example. We don't know if we will have the girls forever. We try to live like we will. But there are always these things that creep into my mind that make me think, "I should teach them "xyz" just in case they ever have to go back and live with their birth mom."

Maybe in thinking they will one day go back to her, I am not trusting or believing or having faith (as I have OFTEN been told). Or maybe, just maybe, I am standing before God saying, "You've got this one. So let me know my role."

As I plan for the future, whatever their future holds, I try to teach them things that I think will be necessary no matter where their future lands them.

Last night, the girls were playing "night night" with their new ponies, so I seized the teachable moment to help them be "good mommies." They read to their babies (just as we do). And then they each sang a song to their babies (Jesus Loves Me was the song of choice for both girls) and then they each rocked their babies and prayed over them (just as we do).

So precious. (I seriously wished I'd had my camera with me, I would have photographed it!)

It was funny that Baby S (our verbal one) prayed a mealtime prayer over her baby ("Dee-uh Gah, fank you for my food. Jesus name. Amen) and Baby N (our mostly non-verbal one) prayed a very long prayer (that no one understood but her and God) and ended with a whispered "Amen" into the ear of her pony.

I praised them both and told them what great mommies they were! Good mommying is a taught skill I think (at least in most cases) and bad mommying is a taught skill as well. I have seen this first hand in their lives.

All that to say, tomorrow may never come, but if it does, they'll be ready. No matter what.

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