Day 33: Cling to What is True

There is a very fine line between believing your own press and believing what other's think about you and believing truth.

Rarely will your own press be a 100% representation of the true you. It's polished up. It's pretty. It leaves out the part about you yelling at your kids, or neglecting your marriage, or being a bad cook (not saying ANY of those things are true about me!)It's your press. It's designed to make you look good.

And rarely will what other's think about you be the total truth either. It's tainted. Tainted you ask? Sure. It's tainted with people perception of the you they see in the work place, or at church, or at school, or in social settings. Sometimes it's tainted with gossip. Sometimes it's tainted with past experiences. Rarely is it a 100% representation of the true you.

Most often, the true you is not someone anyone else gets to see. Only you know the true you, and even you can be blinded to your own faults and deceived by what you WANT to believe is true about yourself.

So how do you differentiate and really see yourself for who you are?

It's easy. But it's hard.

Look at yourself through God's eyes? How do you do that? Ask Him. "God, what do you see in me that has value? What do you see in me that needs to be stripped away? What have I believed about myself that isn't true."

He's not blind. And He's incapable of lies.

All that to say, cling to what is true. More importantly, cling to the Source of truth.

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