Day 39: A Good Day

I love holidays. I love them. I love everything about them. Even the crazy, maddening stuff. (Why does just about every holiday come with crazy, maddening stuff?)

But the thing I love most about holidays is the family time. I have cherished the moments with my husband and sons over the years. And I love that we are getting to create new special traditions with our girls. And I am looking forward to the holidays that we will have with our new daughter-in-law someday soon.

Today was wonderful (minus the twenty minutes getting out of the church parking lot!)

Here are my top five from the day:

1. Watching Mike and Baby "S" snuggling on the couch this morning while the house was still quiet.

2. Taking communion with Jacob.

3. Watching the girls Easter Egg Hunt, and loving how much the boys loved it!

4. Zack playing with the girls all afternoon. He was so incredible with them.

5. Bedtime. (I think bedtime will always be a top 5!)

All that to say, I am loving that I am learning to live one day at a time. Because it sure makes days like today special. I am content. It was a good day.

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