Day 30: Practice Makes Perfect

It was Christmas, 1994, and we had very suddenly decided to drive from Corpus Christi to Louisiana to visit our families for Christmas. And when I say, "suddenly," I mean like it was Christmas Eve morning.

I remember the year because Zack was 10 years old and he so desperately wanted a skateboard for Christmas, and I being the safe parent that I was, had determined that he did not NEED a skateboard because I did not NEED a child with broken bones.

However, on the drive to Louisiana he convinced me that he could and should have one.

But . . . it was Christmas Eve . . . and we were driving to Louisiana.

So every single chance we got, we stopped somewhere along the way to search for a skateboard. (Trust me this was no small task since Zack was WITH US!)

Finally we arrived at our destination in Louisiana, dropped the kids off at Mike's mom's house and went in SERIOUS SEARCH of a skateboard.

When I think about that search, the frantic way we went from store to store, the way we dashed in, ran to the aisle where skateboards should be, found none and ran out of the store, jumped back in the car, drove to the next store . . . lather, rinse, repeat . . .

When I think about that search, I have a VERY CLEAR picture of what "seeking" looks like.

Seeking. It's looking with a purpose, with an urgency, with a sense of need, with a desperation.

In my quiet time this morning I read this, "For you, O Lord, have not forsaken those who seek you."

And I thought to myself, "Am I seeking you Lord? Is there an urgency, a need, a desperation in the depths of me as I seek you, as I seek your will?"

Sometimes, if I am honest, I treat God as though He is generally a "good idea" and not someone in whom I have placed my trust, my heart, my life. How different would my life look if I were really seeking Him?

All that to say, I'm learning to seek. And the pathway to any learning is filled with the opportunity to practice what you are being taught. God is giving me ample opportunities to practice seeking Him. Practice makes perfect. Or so I hear.

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  1. Thank you for this! What a great visual to help really "get" what seeking Him looks like!


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