Day 35: Fact Freak

This morning, as I was updating my blog, I noticed a button that said, "STATS." Now for those of you that don't know me really well, and perhaps for some of you who DO know me really well, it might surprise you to know that I am a fact FREAK! I collect facts like some people collect dust on their ceiling fans (that's a lot, in case you're confused with my analogy!)

So, as I click over to the STATS page, heart racing, palms sweaty, I see a button that says, Views by Country. "Views by Country?" I am intrigued. So I look.

This is crazy y'all. But look at my views THIS MONTH from all over the world. That's a little creepy. I'm not gonna lie. How do these people even know I exist?

United States 9,058
Russia 83
Canada 77
Netherlands 76
Senegal 44
Germany 43
United Kingdom 39
South Korea 31
Ukraine 31
Philippines 27

And just for the record, I don't even know where SENEGAL is!

All that to say, I do love a good fact. But this one creeps me out! But hey all you peeps across the oceans, thanks for reading!


  1. When I showed Mike this, thinking he'd be way impressed with me, he said, "See that's why you gotta be careful what all you're putting in that blog. You don't know what kind of freak in Russia is looking at your life."

    Oh Mike. Thanks for keeping my head out of the clouds buddy. :)

  2. I wouldn't worry about the freak in Russia, I'd be worried about the freak nearby! Seriously though, I don't think you say anything about where you are. I normally have kind of a radar for this kind of thing so I think I'd notice if you were sharing stuff that was risky : )


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