Day 28: Filter Please

Seriously, I need a filter. Actually, that's not true. What I should say is that I need a BETTER filter.

You see, I have this problem. I might have mentioned this before, but every member of my family has a genius level IQ. I don't say this pridefully, as I am not the one who created this brain in my head. We can't be prideful over what we are given. We can only be responsible for how we use it. (But it still ALWAYS sounds prideful when you say it, so I try not to say it, but for this blog it was important information . . . anyway)

The danger of having the kind of brain that literally absorbs knowledge, is that very often I have this . . . ummm . . . let's call it an "urging" to spill out my knowledge.

I try to filter this annoying habit, because I know that most people don't really want to be informed about all my superfluous information.

Case in point.

The other day I was at my kid's day care and the teacher was laughing because "Nitro" was skipping into class. I said, "yeah, we've been working on skipping. It's good for the brain."

I should have stopped there. I know I should have.

But then she did it. (The teacher, I mean)

She looked at me. She gave me that inquizzical "huh?" look. (PS - don't do that in my presence).

So I HAD to do it. I HAD to tell her all I know about skipping and how it's as important to long term reading development as crawling is. And how children who do not learn to crawl and do not learn to skip often have significant reading problems.

Seriously. I said all of that. To their teacher. Who didn't care. And was probably thinking, "who are you?"

All that to say, I wish that stupid information (like how many pairs of wings termites have) didn't come spilling out of me. But it does. So if it happens to you, please pardon me. I need a better filter. But I am trying! (and in case you are wondering, it's 2, 2 pair)

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  1. I wouldn't know if I am a genius, I was too ADD as a kid to have performed that well on a test- regardless of how my brain functions :) What I do know is that my brain is chock-full of trivial info (that most people could care less about) and I too sometimes can't help but share what I know :D


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