Day 31: ENGAGED!!!

From the day my sons were born (or closely thereafter), I started praying for the men they would become. In the beginning, those prayers were focused on school and jobs and being good providers, because, well, I thought that's what a man should focus on.

But over time those prayers changed. I prayed for them to love Jesus more than money. I prayed for them to set themselves aside for the woman that God would someday give them. I prayed they would love their wife. I prayed that they would cherish her and treasure her.

And then I started praying for her, whoever "her" was going to be. (I mean, after all, she was going to be married to my son!) I prayed that she would be a woman who loved Jesus more than anything else. I prayed that she would set herself aside for my son, whom she would someday marry. And I prayed that she would love my son with the deepest love, a love even a mother could not fathom.

It's funny how it happens when you pray so long for something, and then over time you watch it transpire. God is good like that.

Last night, Zack got engaged. And he proposed to the most incredible young woman. She's the woman I have prayed for for him. For years. And I love that God, in His lovingkindness, has given Christina to Zack.

I wouldn't say that "happy" describes how I feel, because it's such a small word to describe the emotions in my heart and mind this morning. I think "contentment" comes closer to the word, but mixed in with a crap-ton of ELATED! (Sorry, I said crap-ton)

All that to say, welcome to our family, Christina Taylor. I can officially love you now.


  1. This is a great photo of them! I love to see the faithfulness of God, He just amazes me! Love answered prayers!

  2. Christina is so blessed to be getting you for a mother-in-law and from the sound of it you all are blessed to have her as well. I am so thrilled for you all!

  3. I'm in love with her and haven't even met her! But I think your son is about the coolest, sweetest kid ( I remember him as a kid!) and you are going to be an awesome mother in law. Congratulations on the newest addition to your wonderful family!


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