Love Requires Someone to Sacrifice

For the past week, I have been in Atlanta, GA, where I STILL have a house for sale? Tired of hearing that? You can't be more tired than I am of living it! Oh Lord, please let my house sell. . .

How's that for an entrance? :) tee hee

I will say, though, that I enjoyed the trip for the most part because I got to see some old friends and catch up, and because I got to spend over 20 hours in a car with one of my kids, and that kind of quality time doesn't grow on trees.

Zack and I had some pretty great talks along the road. He's quite the conversationalist when he chooses to be. I truthfully expected him to sleep the whole way, so I was very pleasantly surprised when he chose to stay awake and talk with me. We had some crazy conversations, including a lesson on how to talk in "CB LINGO." (Very funny). One particular conversation we had though was very impactful. I hope he won't mind that I share it with you.

We were talking about love because of something I had written a few weeks back. In the midst of the conversation Zack said, "But that's the thing about love. It requires someone to make a sacrifice." He went on to say some pretty wise things about love, being in love, and loving others. The gist of his words were this . . .
Everyday, when you love someone, you have to make some kind of sacrifice for the relationship. Maybe you sacrifice where you want to live (the city or the burbs, a house or a condo) or maybe you sacrifice how you want your bedroom decorated, or what kind of dog you want to have. Or maybe you sacrifice something big, like a dream, or a fear or a desire. But you do it because you love, not because you fear losing love if you don't. And though sacrifice is often hard, the decision to sacrifice is easy. You do it because you love.

Not to hyperspiritualize, but that sounds a lot like what Jesus would do.

All that to say, that zack.jones is wise.


  1. i guess wisdom comes in the family. :)

    also, why am i always out of the state/country when you come to atlanta? this makes my heart are loved!


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