God on the FM Dial

If you have never listened to Tony Evans, then you are missing out. I remember the first time I heard Tony Evans on the radio, he said this, "If you let the devil ride in the backseat long enough, pretty soon, he's gonna wanna drive." He always has those kinds of little sound bites. They stick with you for a long time.

Today as I was riding home, he was talking about the goodness of God. He said, "We are so quick to dismiss the goodness of God. We can go for 10 years at a job we love, doing work we love, and we can just be so happy and in love with God and telling God how good He is. But if something happens to that job, if we go one day without that job, then all the sudden, God ain't so good no more." He went on to say that we are so used to measuring God by the good that happens in our life, that when something not so good happens, we are certain that God must not actually be good and that we must have somehow been mistaken. Our view of His goodness can change on a dime based on how we feel or how we perceive things.

He went on to talk about how we treat others that way as well. We can have people in our lives that we love and that we just enjoy our happy little relationships with (his words) but then something happens and we suddenly toss out every good thing that ever happened and determine the whole thing, the whole relationship was a farce and never was a good thing at all. He talked about friendships and marriages and parent-child relationships all being this way.

He talked about Colossians 3:13-14 (which was so weird because I had just talked about that this morning!) and how we should bear with one another and forgive one another and put love over everything (filter everything through love).

All that to say, I love how God speaks to us through His Word, and when we don't listen, He uses the radio! HA!

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