A Little Humor for Today

This morning, as is my usual habit, I got dressed for work in a very routine fashion. My ritual looks the same every morning, which I suppose is why it is called a ritual. First I wake up, lay my hand on my husband's back and silently pray over him. Then I get up, turn on the shower (because it takes FOREVER for the water to get hot), go start the coffee and then come back and get in the shower.

Once I finish in the shower and dry off, etc., I go iron my clothes, put on my jeans (almost every day) and then pull on my undershirt. I don't put my regular shirt on until just right before I leave because I don't want it to get covered in hair when I blowdry my hair, and I don't want to get makeup powder on it. So it's the last thing that goes on. Stay with me here . . .

So, I accomplish all the regular details, shower, coffee, jeans, quiet time, hair, then make-up. Finally, just before I leave, I pull on my outer shirt. THIS morning, I did all of that and once I had put on my outer shirt, I realized that I hadn't yet brushed my teeth, so I walked into the bathroom.

When I looked into the mirror, I busted out laughing. I have a collar on the shirt that I am wearing today that is ruffled. Well, apparently the way that I ironed it caused it to stand straight up, so I looked like I had on a clown shirt! It was hysterical. I laughed so hard I almost peed my pants. Just think, if I hadn't gone back into the bathroom, I would have gone to work that way and would have had to walk around in my clown shirt all day! Plus, I would have NEVER lived it down.

All that to say, a last check in the mirror shall be added to my routine for sure!


  1. I do the same thing - putting on my shirt last... One winter day when I still worked I got to the bank and was getting out of the car when I realized I was wearing only my fitted tanktop. Fortunately I didn't live too far away and went home, got my sweater, and was back just before the bank opened. oops!

  2. Our pastor told us Sunday that he arrived at the church early that AM and discovered that he'd left the house in his undershirt!

  3. I can top all of you. I was 7 months pregnant with my son during the summer months and spent most of my days lounging in our neighborhood pool. I already had 2 young children, so the "getting ready to go to the pool" routine was chaotic: swimsuits, SPF, snacks, floats, towels, and toys. One day - actually twice, but I won't go there - I was in such a rush that I didn't give myself that final mirror check. I went to the pool and played ALL DAY! At 4PM, a friend asked me what was going on with my swimsuit. Turns out that I had the top to my tankini maternity suit on BACKWARDS. Backwards. With the bra cups poking out in back. None of my so-called friends pointed out this wardrobe malfunction during the day. Holy Toledo! I still laugh at that one!


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