Put Ya Hands Up in the Air!

This morning, after writing my blog about how nothing funny happens anymore, I headed off to work. And right as I was about to get into my "on ramp" lane, I realized that traffic was coming to a screeching halt. I mean a SCREECHING halt! As I looked at the traffic, I realized that if I quickly got over I could exit the interstate altogether, and possibly miss the accident that I could see up ahead (as well as the horrible wait in traffic that I was about to experience).

So, being the courteous driver that I am, I put on my turn signal and tried to get over. NO ONE would let me over. NO ONE. NO ONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Ever since I moved to Atlanta, I have had this terrible desire to honk and swear in traffic! I try to keep it at bay, but every now and then, it pops out. And situations like this one, where traffic is going like TWO miles an hour and no one will let me over, that is a pretty good trigger.

Just as I was about to get seriously ticked, this woman, too distracted by putting on her mascara, left me with an opening, so I pounced! So excited by my victory, I did the double-fist pump and shouted, Woo Hoo!

Quickly I took the exit, got on the feeder, and realized excitedly, that the accident I was avoiding was literally two feet past the exit I had just taken. If I hadn't taken the exit when I did, I would still be sitting in traffic. As I drove by the snarled up traffic, I smiled, happy with my decision to exit the interstate, but wondering how I would get back on it to get to work. Then all of a sudden there was an on-ramp, a little Gift-from-God on-ramp RIGHT THERE! I hopped back up on the interstate, laughed out loud, actually did a "raise the roof" movement and said, "What, what!"

Then, I noticed that the driver in the car next to me had witnessed my little "raise the roof" "what what" moment. And we both laughed. I am sure I made his day.

All that to say, I just put a "WoodsEdge Community Church" sticker on my car last night. I'm sure glad that the hand gesture I used in traffic was one of celebration!

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