Flawed in Layers

I am Jacked Up. My more religious followers might say, "Messed Up" or "Flawed" and my less religious followers might say something altogether different! But I am jacked up. This is not a new realization for me. I have known this for a while. A good while actually.

And the interesting thing about being jacked up is that I am jacked up in layers. The discovery of my flaws is an ongoing process, a process I fear might take a lifetime to accomplish. And yet one that I look forward to completing.

Each day I say, "God, if there is something in me that I am aware of or unaware of that you would desire to see changed in me, would you reveal it to me, and then help me to change it."

And yet, here's the thing. Each new day God may or may not reveal something to me. But when He does, I never feel like He is pointing out my flaws. I feel like He is helping me to grow and change and become who He wants me to be. Somehow, throughout my layers of flaws, He sees beauty. And He wants me to see it too. But He never makes me feel like He's disappointed in me. How does He do that? How does He refine me and yet make me feel perfect to Him?

All that to say, I am grateful that there is always someone in my life that loves me unconditionally, who sees who I am, beyond the flaws on the outside, to the beauty on the inside.

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