Home Sweet Home?

This is a first for me today but I am blogging via my iPhone. I am in GA, and my neighbor, whose network I had planned to log onto is out of town and so I can't get his password. Thus, the iPhone blogging. Zack and I drove here yesterday bc he had some music stuff to do and I needed to check on the house. Originally I wasn't going to come bc we had just checked on the house 8 weeks ago, but I am glad I did!

We got here about ten last night. We could have gotten here sooner but didn't see the need to since we knew there was no tv or Internet at the house. But when we arrived, we arrived to no power! It was pitch black! But lucky for us we were armed with our iPhone flashlight apps so we headed down to the basement to check out the breaker box. I couldn't help but think as we were walking down into the black cold basement looking like nerds with our phone flashlights "isn't this what stupid people in horror movies do?"

But long story short, the power was off bc someone who shall remain nameless hasn't paid the bill in months! He said he didn't notice we haven't gotten one. I estimate the power got turned off about 30 days ago. One month with no power in a furnished but vacant home. . . Not so good. The refrigerators had all molded. And the ice in the ice maker had melted, so when I opened the freezer door (in the dark mind you) water went everywhere! The toilets also molded bc the water in the toilet bowls had almost totally evaporated and turned into a pink sludge. The insect population had risen dramatically so bugs were everywhere, many of them dead in the tubs and window sills.

In general, it is a disgusting mess. No outlet mall for me today! But I am glad I am here. And glad I didn't wait until the fourth of July to come and check on the house! And at the moment, I am sitting in my favorite chair blogging, sipping coffee, and getting ready to read my Bible. Some things don't change. And that's a good thing.

All that to say, I am thankful at this moment for the comfort of my chair and my coffee and my Bible. Bring on the day!

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