I'm not funny lately. I have no humorous stories to tell. No one yells at me in the parking lot. No one bumps me with their cart in line. I haven't gotten a weird tan line. Nothing. Of course, I could make endless jokes about my butt, there's always fodder for humor there, but even self-deprecating humor is not funny right now.

Blah. That's what comes out of my brain. Blah, blah, blah.

Last night Zack and I were sitting at Sonic, talking about the swine flu (you would think I could be funny about the swine flu) and he was relaying this story to me about how he had cracked a joke while leading worship that morning. He has a bit of a cold, so he was saying, "Sorry my voice is a little crackly this morning. I think I might have the hamthrax." But apparently, because his nose was stuffy, it just sounded like he said he had anthrax, and no one laughed.

So, I tried to encourage him by writing a rap song called, "I got the hamthrax." But after several attempts, I could not come up with any other lines besides, "I got the hamthrax." Apparently song writing is not my gift.

All that to say, I am hoping to find something humorous today about which I can entertain the masses. I am sure you are all tired of my tireless moaning about life and love. I know I'm tired of it!

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