Happy 27th to You, Jacob Jones

As my kids get older, it becomes increasingly more difficult to write something about them for their birthday.  It's not that I don't have a million things I could say, it's just that at some point, I'm just repeating myself, and I may as well just post the links to all the other birthday posts.  Here they all are! (In case you have some free time.)

So, I have now decided to take the opportunity each year to tell a story about them that is a sweet memory I have. I'm their mom.  It's my blog.  I can do what I want.

Jacob was an easy baby, as far as babies, go.  He weighed 7 lbs. 13oz. and entered the world at 7:31 a.m. on Friday, March 7th, 1986.  From a very young age, he had the most infectious laugh and the most tender heart.  Outside of the 5 months (YES! 5 FREAKING MONTHS) of colic that he had, most of his early years were spent making us all laugh.  He was just such a happy little baby.

I think one of the things I remember most about Jacob as a young child (and something that is still true today) is how sensitive he was to people's feelings.  I'm not saying he was always particularly "gentle" with their feelings (I mean, he was a teenager at one point, you know!) but he's always been intuitive about the feelings of others.

One of my most precious memories I have of Jacob happened the year his big brother went off to kindergarten.  We had just dropped Zack off at his classroom and were walking hand in hand through the parking lot of the school when Jacob looked up at me and said, "Mama?  Are you sad?" With tears in my eyes,  I said, "Yes, Jacob I am a little sad.  But I'll be okay."  And he said, "Mama, I'm sad too.  Is it okay if I cry with you?"

So we sat down on the curb and had ourselves a good cry.  Then we got up and drove to Taco Bell and consoled ourselves with some tacos and burritos.

And this sensitivity wasn't just to real life people.  He felt the same way about TV characters.  One time he was watching the Wizard of Oz (yes, I was a terrible Mom and let my very little kids watch it . . .what was I thinking?)  Anyway, he was watching the Wizard of Oz and it was the scene where Toto jumped out of the hot air balloon and Dorothy started floating up without Toto.  Jacob freaked out and started crying hysterically, "Mama! Mama!  You have to help them.  Dorothy can't leave without Toto!"

Like I said, sensitive. :)  I think he gets that from his dad, the man who cries at McDonald's commercials.

Seriously, if you cried, Jacob cried harder.  If you laughed, Jacob laughed more.  If you were mad, he was madder.  Just typing those words makes me laugh at some of the crazy moments of life with Jacob Jones.

Jacob, you have spent a lifetime giving us so much rich laughter, teaching us all to embrace life a little tighter, and to feel things a little deeper.  I love being your mom.

All that to say, Happy Birthday Jacob.  Twenty-seven years have flown by.  I can still smell the sweet scent of you and the warmth of your cheek against mine on the day you were born.  I can also still smell the scent of your stinky bedroom too, but that's another memory! :)

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