Mommy Bloggers Can Change the World

I'm a blogger.  I've been a blogger for a lot of years and can honestly say it is something I have always enjoyed doing.  It has been incredibly humbling over those years to have people tell me that my writing, my stories, my life has made a big impact on their life.

This week, I attended a conference for small business owners, many (perhaps most) of whom were bloggers.  And I have to say that never, in my WILDEST imagination, did I imagine that bloggers are such an influential group of people.  It is quite possible they have the power to change the world.

Perhaps that sounds like a grand overstatement, but I don't think so.

And here's why I say that.  Current estimates say there are about 450 million active English language blogs right now, according to Technorati. (A number that has grown from 200 million just since 2009). Of those blogs, a staggering 41% are what are known as "mommy blogs" (or 181,000,000 if you're doing the math, with 39,000,000 coming from the US alone!)

Now before you discount these so called, "mommy blogs" you should know that BIG NAME brands are actively wooing these bloggers to be the spokespersons for their products. Turns out, these bloggers have an incredible amount of influence into their worlds, an influence that apparently is worth paying for.

Notable among the sponsors at this event were organizations that do, indeed, have the power to save the world. And that made my wheels start turning.

What if the 39,000,000 U.S. mommy bloggers united their voices and decided to speak out on behalf of a worldwide need, like say clean drinking water?  (That's a good place to start!)

I'm not saying I know how to make that happen.  But someone out there reading this does.  So you smarty pants with all the influence, get this organized! 

All that to say, Mommy Bloggers have the power to change the world!  Come on girls!  Use your powers for good!  Who's in?

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