Day 22: Tenacious J.

What a sweet baby he was. Well, at least in the first few days. After he lulled us into thinking he was going to be "that baby." You know, the one that sleeps all night from the first night they come home from the hospital? That was him all right. Mr. Sleep-All-Night-Every-Night.

Then, when we least expected any kind of change. BAM! He had colic for 5 months. 5 straight months! That's the thing we learned early on about Jacob. Expect the unexpected.

Here are a few examples:

He looks so sweet and innocent in this picture. He posed so obediently while I was learning how to use my new camera. Then while I was taking his brother's picture, he shredded every single rose off of my rose bush. Every single petal off of every single flower.

One time after I had put the boys in bed for their naps (and over an hour had passed) I decided to go in and check on them and Jacob wasn't in his bed. I searched everywhere in a panic. I was terrified. Finallly, I checked our master bathroom and there was Jacob. Reading. On the throne. When I asked him how long he had been there he said, "A long time. Daddy says when he can't sleep he just gets up and reads a book until he's tired. I'm not tired yet." (PS - I'm probably gonna get killed for posting this picture, so . . . )

Yep. That's our Jacob.

You truly never know what to expect from him. I have laughed so hard at the memories of some of the things he has said to us over the years. I wish I could replay them all for you.

But the thing that is the most striking to me about Jacob is not his zany antics. It's not his spontaneous spirit. Nope. It's his tenacity.

Jacob will just keep working and trying and adapting until he figures something out. And he won't let you think you can get away with quitting either. He expects us all to keep working and trying and adapting until we figure something out.

I love that about about him.

I love many things about him.

All that to say, Happy Birthday Jacob. You're part of my best work.

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