An Online Affair

Mike and I were sitting in our living room one evening, each doing our own thing, (a routine we comfortably fell into when the boys were little), when I realized he was on Facebook.  Unable to resist, I sent him a somewhat racy message via Facebook chat, and then I sat with delighted anticipation as I waited for him to see the message.

I knew the moment it came across his screen because he smiled a mischievous smile and quickly started typing.  For the last several weeks, we have had a very playful, and mostly G-rated interchange via Facebook and text messages.  In short, we've been flirting with each other through modern technology and social media.

I'm sure by now some of you are thinking, "Seriously? Close your computers, get off your phones, and talk to each other!"  And of course you are right, but hear me out.

I'm loving this new found way of interacting with my husband.  It's fun.  It's spicy. (Sorry Zack and Jacob) It's refreshing and new and has added life to our relationship. We've even had a couple of arguments in real time that he followed up with an apology text or sweet message later on (when he was at work).

Complacency could have killed my marriage.  I'm sure it's killed many.  I guess, in a weird way, I could say that Facebook saved my marriage. (But that would be a grand overstatement.)  Facebook surely added some fun to our evenings, but it didn't save my marriage.

That said, I can easily see how it could wreck marriages. All of this has made me keenly aware of how dangerous the Internet is for marriages where people are lonely or isolated or distant from their spouse. I can see why people end up having affairs that begin online.

All that to say, I'm grateful that the Internet provided us with a way to add a little spice to our marriage. But MAN does there need to be a lot more messaging happening about the dangers of social media and marriage.  Guard your hearts and minds, people.  Guard your hearts and minds.

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