It's Give Friday - He Gave

I had an interesting conversation this morning with a woman about salvation. (I'm talking the eternal kind here).

She's really been struggling with the notion, the theology, the belief that you can lose your salvation.

After a lengthy conversation I realized that she wasn't really trying to nail down the correct theology, she was trying to nail down a very deep seeded fear that she was going to lose her salvation.

She was struggling with a belief that she could do something that would be so heinous in the sight of God that He would say, "That's it. I'm done with you."

Finally, I keyed in to the fact that she was deeply, deeply afraid of losing God's love.

I asked her, "If this God that we worship gave up His ONLY son so that we could have salvation, do you believe that He would so casually withdraw it from you?"

She sighed a very deep, long exhale and said, "No, I don't believe He would."


I don't know what you believe.  I know there are many faiths that believe you can lose your salvation.  I don't believe that, can't believe it, won't believe it.

I am so grateful for a God that loves me far beyond my ability to screw up.  I am grateful for a God who cherishes me enough to want to spend eternity with me, enough that He gave His one and only Son, that Whoever believes in Him shall not perish, but have eternal life.

All that to say, it's Give Friday here at All That to Say.  It's Good Friday for those of us who are Christ Followers.  Good Friday.  The ultimate Give Friday.  So grateful.

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