Day 154: Father Forgive Them

I was praying the other day and while praying I saw a vision (a mental picture) of Jesus being nailed to the cross and in that critical moment saying, "Father forgive them for they know not what they do."

Father forgive them.

I thought to myself, how many times have I felt hammered by someone else and in those times cried out, "Father forgive them?" The answer is easy. Zero. Zero times.

Forgiveness comes so hard for me.

Yet Jesus forgave instantly, in the moment, while being crucified.

He didn't say, "Lord, I know I need to forgive, and I will, but I'm gonna need some time to process this. I'm gonna have to work through it. I'm need to peel back the layers slowly."

Nope, he just forgave. Instantly.

Imagine if we could just forgive. Instantly.

We know that healing comes with releasing the debts of our debtors. We know that bitterness is dissolved when we say, "I forgive you, releasing you of anything I think you owe me." So why is forgiveness so difficult?

All that to say, as in all things, Jesus is our living example. Lord, help me to be forgiving. To release all debts. To forgive as you do.

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