Day 164: Love Beyond Logic

I watched the Blindside tonight. I've seen it before, but it was very different watching it this time. The first time I saw it, we had not taken in the girls. Watching the way the Touhy's had to defend their actions to people felt hauntingly familiar.

We shouldn't have to field commentary about race, and lifestyle, and socio-economic status, but we do. We shouldn't have to try to explain what we're doing, or why we're doing it. People say incredibly well-meaning, and yet very hurtful things to us all the time. Sometimes those well-meaning, yet hurtful things must register in my eyes because those are the times that people tend to launch into the "Well, of course I think what you guys are doing is incredible, it's just that _____ (fill in the blank.)"

I find I get really tired of explaining myself, my husband, our family, our thoughts, our hopes, our fears. It's draining if I'm honest. I don't mind telling our story, I just mind trying to help people "understand." Seriously, I don't understand it myself. So explaining to someone else is virtually impossible. Sometimes God just calls us to do things, things that are illogical.

Here's the real deal. I'm nothing special. We're nothing special. Yes, we're empty nesters, on the road to retirement, and now we're parenting twin toddlers. Yes, some days it's trying. Some days it's hard, (like when they break my nose or scratch my cornea! tee hee) But I don't really think we're sacrificing all that much.

We're just loving two little children, and their mama who is a very young and troubled girl. In church today we heard that God is love. I think this is the love God intended for us all to show one another, regardless of race, or socio-economic status, or even logic.

Love beyond logic. That might catch on.

All that to say, Love beyond logic.

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