Day 167: A Game of Did I

I planned to take the girls to see their mom today, but on the way, Baby S threw up. Nothing like projectile vomiting on the beltway to really get the adrenaline pumping. The thoughts (intermingled with actual conversation) went something like this:

Oh My Gosh! What the . . ? (madly exit beltway)

"Oh baby, hang on. Mimi's coming."

Please light, turn green, so I can pull over somewhere."

"I know Baby, Mimi's coming. I'm sorry, dolly."

"Man, where can I pull over. Oh My GOSH that stinks."

"No Baby, don't touch it. Mimi's gonna help you."

Baby S: "It's yucky Mimi. What happened Mimi?"

"You threw up baby. You're okay."

"Oh yes, a parking lot. I'll pull in there. Holy Cow that stinks!"
(Throw car into park, jump out, fling open back door, gag, gag again)
"Oh Lord, please don't let me throw up!"

Yeah. That's pretty much how it went.

So we turned around and came home.

After I put the girls in bed for their nap, I called their mom. She started telling me what all she was going to do when they came home. WHEN THEY CAME HOME???!!!!!

If I was the cussing sort, I'd cuss right here. (Well, actually, I sometimes am the cussing sort, but I'm trying to work on that, since I am a Pastor and all.)

As they slept, and I did my usual routine of picking up, I started playing a game of "Did I."

Did I do the right thing in letting them come here for so long?
Did I make our time here everything it could have been?
Did I make their Christmas as special as it should have been?
Did I cherish my time with them?
Did I give them enough love to sustain them?

My heart is aching a bit at the thought of them leaving. It's 6 weeks away, if they do end up leaving (February 6th), and who knows what will actually happen 6 weeks from now. I'm praying for an act of God.

All that to say, "I trust you in this, Lord. Did I mention we'd like to raise them, love them, give them a home for the rest of their lives? Did I?"

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