Day 157: Cookies are Coming

Tomorrow we will celebrate our Jones family tradition called "Cookies." I have already mixed the secret cookie dough and it is chilling in the refrigerator, waiting to be rolled out into delicious goodness.

In the last two weeks alone I have had at least, and I do mean AT LEAST (no hyperbole here) 4 people ask me if I have baked "the cookies" yet. These aren't just any cookies, they are the most yummy sugar cookies, baked to perfection, and then dipped in frosting that is so sweet and delicious that it makes the cookie literally melt in your mouth.

This year will be extra special because we will celebrate "cookies" with the girls. I hope they love it as much as we all do!

So, tomorrow, I will go to church, then come home and bake cookies, all in anticipation of a fun family night!

All that to say, I love this holiday tradition. I hope to win this year. I learned from Jackie Key last year that if I just give my cookie a fancy and long name, I'm a shoe in to win!

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