Day 163: Soaking It In

Sweet Baby N.

I love the way she closes her eyes when she takes a bite of anything. It's especially funny because she isn't really adept with her silverware yet, so closing her eyes doesn't help!

I love the way she falls prostrate on the floor and closes her eyes when we're playing chase and she's close to getting caught. It's like she's "disappeared."

I love the way she laughs the deepest belly laughs you have ever heard.

I love the way she says, "Potch" when she is calling Mike. (Pops)

I love the way she eats her favorite thing on the plate really fast and then points to the empty place and says, "more, more."

Sweet Baby S.

I love the way she sings. Anything. Everything. Last night she was singing the
Itsy, Bitsy Spider, complete with handmotions.

I love the way she says, "Yesh" when she is saying yes.

I love the way she wakes up and yells, "Mimi . . . Mimi . . . Mimi." And gets louder each time.

I love how she says, "More" even though she hasn't had "any" yet. What she really means is "May I have some." :) We're working on this.

They are so sweet when they:
Hug each other when they are saying they are sorry.
Sit together on the same riding toy.
Wake up in the mornings.
See the pizza man at the door and run wildly to their high chairs screaming, "Pizza, pizza!"

All that to say, I say all the time that if I had to do it over again, I would take the time to soak in the small stuff. Just needed a good soak.


  1. i have thought the same thing often, recently....if i had to do it all over again, it would soak it all in....
    love your thoughts.


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