Day 166: Learned From the Boys, Learning From the Girls

We got bored tonight. Our toddlers were also bored. And bored toddlers have a very distinct and ummm, let's say LOUD way of communicating their boredom.

So we loaded them up in the car and after driving around for about 10 minutes, we decided to head to Incredible Pizza. I have to say I was a little worried about going there, since the last time I went there, I left in an ambulance with a severely broken arm.

When we got there the twins' eyes widened to about the size of half dollars. The sights, the sounds, the smell of Incredible Pizza is well, in a word, overwhelming. (Have I mentioned how much the girls love pizza?)

We tried putt-putt. Big NO. They didn't really understand the concept of hitting the ball with the club, so they just chased their ball all over the place. And they also chased other people's balls too. And they picked up other people's balls too. Those people weren't too understanding.

We tried skee bowling. They weren't so good at that either. People nearly lost limbs. I didn't want to lose a limb. I've come close to that at Incredible Pizza. I didn't want to do that again.

So finally, we discovered the little people village. It was perfect.

Fearless Baby N was in heaven, running from ride to ride, trying to board them often while they were still moving.

Baby S, well, she was content to watch everyone else ride, until FINALLY, I got her to agree to just SIT on the pony and watch her sister ride the nearby train. Then when she least expected it, I pushed the GO button. And she loved it.

Why is trusting so hard? She had such a hard time trusting. But when she finally relaxed, and trusted that I wasn't going to leave her side, she loved it!

I'm so like that. I find trusting so hard sometimes. But when I finally relax and just trust God, I become like Baby N, fearless and loving life.

All that to say, I have discovered in life that I learn so much from watching my kids live life. It was true of the boys. And it's true of the girls.

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