Who's Throwing Them a Party?

I think I have discovered something about myself recently. I don't seem to be a "take up the fight" kind of person. Much of this self-discovery has come by way of my response to other's response to our present political climate.

I have never really been one to "discuss" politics, mostly because I hate the highly passionate manner in which people state their opinions as though they were facts. But today, I will put one toe in the ring of political debate. I consider myself to be fairly conservative, though my truly conservative friends would consider me a liberal. And I would hate to consider myself middle of the road, because the only thing being in the middle of the road gets you is run over. I have a unique method of voting. I don't vote on campaign promises because quite frankly, I have NEVER seen anyone who got elected keep their campaign promises. So, I try instead to vote based on the candidate's political history, and their stance on certain issues that are important to me (pro-life, pro-choice for example).

However, once a candidate has been elected, I try to be supportive of that candidate, especially if it is the President. And by supportive, I don't mean thinking everything they do is just peachy wonderful decision making. But I mean that I pray for them. I ask God to give them wisdom. I ask God to draw that candidate to Him. Etc. This doesn't make me superspiritual. And that isn't my point. I just feel like if this person is going to be running the country I live in, then I darn sure want them to be guided by the Lord. I don't think the Lord really cares if someone is a Democrat or a Republican. But I think we sometimes care too much. I remember my step-dad telling me once that I better vote a straight Democratic ticket, even if the devil himself was on it! True story.

Recently someone told me that Obama was to blame for our current financial situation and that his "bailout" plan sure didn't seem to be working. When I pointed out that he had only been in office for 8 weeks (at that time), they smiled and said, "I guess you're right. We should cut him a little slack." Then I also reminded them that Obama's bailout wasn't the first one. I will say I didn't vote for Obama, though I wasn't totally thrilled with my other option either. And I don't agree with all of these bailouts. If they want to stimulate the economy, give those billions to taxpayers and let us spend the money on new cars and new houses and new clothes. That'll stimulate everyone!

But if I am going to spend my time on a bandwagon, it isn't going to be to throw a teaparty. Or to attend one. It is going to be to help hungry people have food, or thirsty people have water, or naked people have clothes. And maybe that makes me judgemental about people who are politically active. I suppose someone needs to be. (politically active, I mean, not judgemental.) I guess it takes all of us. But I would like to find a balance between fighting to be a government run by the people and also to find a way to be "for the people."

All that to say, I don't know why my heart feels heavy today about tea parties. Maybe it's because I keep thinking about little children who went to bed hungry last night, and I wonder who's throwing a party for them?

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