That Pointer Finger's Important

I am living at my sister-in-law's house, my new temporary living quarters. She, in turn, is living in Shreveport on a temporary job there with her husband. Her mail still comes to her house, and we just collect it all and put it in a banker's box (small file box). Then once a month, I call her and go through every piece of mail. Actually, I've only done it once because I have only lived there a month . . . but I'm guessing this pattern will continue.

Anyway, last night, as I am opening all the different pieces of mail (most of which was junk . . . seriously, I could help all the failing banks out . . . QUIT MAILING OUT SO MUCH CRAP!) Anyway, as I was opening all those pieces of mail, I kept getting these tiny little paper cuts. And then suddenly I got the biggest and worst paper cut EVER known to man, right near the inside edge of my pointer finger, closest to my thumb and near the fingernail. OUCH!! It bled so bad!

And today, my finger hurts like . . . well, it hurts. And I started to realize, do you know how much you do with your pointer finger? You type with it. You write with it. You pump gas with it. You text with it. You dial your phone with it (why do we still call it "dialing" when there isn't a dial any longer?). Then of course there are all those "personal" things you do with your pointer finger (use your imaginations).

All that to say, I am whiny and my finger hurts.

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