I Woke Up in Love

For my married friends out there, do you ever just wake up, roll over and look at your spouse, and feel incredibly in love? That's how I feel this morning. Just . . . in love. Crazy in love.

Now, it could be the leftovers of my estrogen accident I had a few days ago. How I realized my estrogen accident is kind of funny.

We had to make an announcement at work about something. And the "something" was sad. It was one of those things that weighs heavy on your heart because it affects people you love. People you have done life with. And so as we started to pray, the first guy that prays, his voice cracks. And the tears form in my eyes. Well, by the time I started to pray, I was crying. I mean CRYING. Like my child had died crying.

I used to be a big time crier. But I'm not anymore. And this kind of crying just doesn't happen to me anymore. This is a little personal, but I think I'm not a crier anymore because I had all my girl organs removed when I was 37, and now I am living an even-keeled life by way of modern medicine. I wear an estrogen patch to provide what my ovaries no longer can (since they are missing!)

So, back to my story. . . Later that day (after my crying jag) I am driving down the road thinking, "why was I crying so hard? I mean . . . I'm sad and all, but not THAT sad." Then suddenly it occured to me that I had put on a new estrogen patch, but I had forgotten to take off the old one! So I had massive doses of estrogen flowing through my body!!!

All that to say, I woke up in love this morning. And I do LOVE my husband. And I'm surely hoping that this gushy feeling I have is because of him, and not because of what has now become famously known as "the estrogen accident."

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