What Women Want

This past weekend our Pastor at WoodsEdge Community Church taught a message about how to be a better husband. My SINGLE son told me that it was a great message; like an inspiring pep talk before the start of a big game. He told me this while he and I and his dad were eating lunch after church. When I turned to Mike and asked him what he learned, he said, "Oh you know, the usual, I should love you as Christ loved the church."

I asked him if he could break it down a bit more for me and he said, "Well, you know, make you a priority and stuff." . . . spoken like a true man. :)

Upon further investigation, apparently the Pastor said things like,
  • Make your wives a priority in your life.
  • Your wife deeply longs to be romanced.
  • Open your heart to your wife. Talk about your feelings.
  • Talk about your relationship with God.
  • Your wife needs to know you value her, to feel cherished.

All that to say, I think that is a good start of a list. Ladies, you have any other thoughts our men need to hear? You single girls feel free to chime in about your expectations too!


  1. If I was, like, carved out of a solid block of courage, I'd have a few things to say about what women THINK they want or have been coached to SAY they want but DO NOT in fact want. But I'm actually extruded out of a solid ooze of cowardice so that won't be happening anytime soon.

  2. oh, come on Doug! This could be fun!

  3. Oh, what the heck? Just to take an example at random, "Open your heart to your wife. Talk about your feelings." Men: DO NOT, UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES, DO THIS! When a woman says, "I want us to share our feelings," it's the same as if she says, "I want us to share a hamburger." In other words, what she means is, "I want you to have the same feelings I have." Try revealing feelings she does not share and it won't end well.


Thank you for reading. I look forward to hearing from you.