I Picture Eternity

I have had a digital camera for a couple of years now. For a while, I had one of those tiny little cameras and then upgraded to my Canon Rebel Sport, which I still don't know how to use very well. But anyway, since that time I have not gotten one single photo printed. Not one. So the other day I sat at my computer and uploaded all of my photos off of discs, onto my computer, and then I uploaded them from my computer to Walmart's photo lab. $47 and 316 photos later, I had printed over two year's worth of photos!

The best part though was getting the photos from Walmart and then sitting and putting them in my photo album. It was such fun to sit and remember each of the moments and events documented in those photographs.

Going through my photo album is how I picture the judgment. I know God is this great big, omnipotent judge, who at the end of my life will either say "Well done" or "Depart from me." But I have a hard time reconciling how the blood of Christ comes into that judgment. So in my mind, I picture God and I going back through my photo album of my life and sometimes pausing and smiling over certain things, and sometimes Him touching a photograph, looking over at me and saying, "that wasn't a great moment, was it Carol?"

All that to say, I picture eternity. And when I think about it, I want there to be lots of joy and laughter as I look back over my life with God. I don't want there to be many moments where I have to hope the pages of that album stick together.

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