Streams of Consciousness

I had trouble falling asleep last night, probably in part due to the fact that I inadvertently drank caffeinated coffee at 9:00 p.m. I tried going to bed around 10:30, but tossed and turned for 30 minutes and finally gave up, and got up. I sat up until a little after midnight and watched a boring boxing movie (I usually choose sports shows to try to fall asleep to).

When I finally went to bed I had just barely gone to sleep when a text message came across my phone (I HATE it when I forget to set that thing to Alarm Only!). So, I laid awake for a few more minutes, and then finally fell asleep. But then ALAS (darn my old body) I awakened at 5:30 AM because I had to get up and go, and OF COURSE I couldn't fall back asleep.

As I lay there in my bed, I had this stream of consciousness that went something like this:

I wish I could fall back asleep. I have to stop drinking so much right before I go to bed. This bed is so big. How is it that Mike is still on my side of the bed when it's this large? He is such a snuggler. I swear, if I put a table between us, he would figure out how to get on my side of the bed. I wonder if that table in front of the window in the foyer would fit on that other wall in the foyer? It would look so good there. I wonder if Deb ever thought of putting it there? If I move the table what would I put in front of the window, and where would I put that giant trunk? What time is it? I wish I could go to sleep. I wish I could stop thinking and go to sleep. Why does my broken arm hurt? I guess it's the weather. I wish it would start pouring and flood the streets and then I could just roll over and go to sleep. Who am I kidding? I can't sleep. I may as well get up. I wish Mike would stop snoring. (punch mike. he doesn't stop) I guess I should just get up. I wonder if I have anything to wear to work today? I think I'm going to lay here a little while longer and pray. "Lord, was I a good parent? I must make you crazy Lord, I mean, as my "parent" I must make you crazy. I must make you crazy because my kids make me crazy. I bet I make them crazy too. I think that's the way it works with all parents and kids." Arrrgh, I'm getting up.

That little stream of consciousness is very similar to what kept me up most of the night. Have you ever wondered why sometimes your brain just won't shut off? What happens to you during the day that causes this stored up surplus of thoughts to come spilling out when your body finally stops moving?

All that to say, I think my brain is still spilling stuff out. Should make for an interesting Sunday.

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