Real Friends Tell the Truth

It is rare in life that people have real friends. A true friend. Someone who loves you totally unconditionally (I think that is bad grammar.) True friends don't care if you are fat or skinny, but they do care if you are healthy. They don't care if you are rich or poor, but they do care if you are greedy or starving. Superficial things don't matter to them at all. They aren't impressed by your vocation, at least not in a way that influences their decision to be your friend or not. True friends stay your friend, even when you move away. Real true friends see past all the masks you wear for the world and they look right into the core of the real you. And real friends tell you the truth.

Friends see you naked and don't go screaming out the front door, or the back door, or out the window, or running down the street in horror.

Friends don't tell your secrets. Friends know your secret hurts that are buried way down deep inside. They know them because they care enough about you to get past the surface.

Friends aren't afraid to disagree with you. Friends challenge you to think beyond yourself, regardless of how dire or hopeless your circumstances seem. Friends don't let you give up, but they do let you know when it is time to quit.

Friends don't get jealous of the good things that happen for you, like new cars or tummy tucks. They celebrate with you, enjoying the good things right alongside you.

Friends don't make excuses for you and say things like, "You're not fat. You just had a baby." :)
No, they say, "Go ahead eat that donut. Your butt can't get much bigger!"

Sometimes it is amazing to me the number of people in my life that I call friend. I don't see them all daily, or weekly, or even monthly. Some of them I haven't seen in years. Some of them I rarely talk to. But there is still that deep, unexplainable connection. My real friends won't be disappointed that I didn't mention them by name, because that is how real friends are.

All that to say, I am pretty thankful for my friends. My real friends.


  1. ok, we both know which part of that was about me. :) haha. seriously, i am so thankful for you and your friendship. i was telling ray yesterday,(no lie) how much i missed you guys being here. how much i missed your wisdom and knowing that since we are so much alike, (except that you are smarter) you are a few years ahead of me in life and i learn from you. he agreed, we both miss you and your husband, the tears we shared and the many laughs! if God ever lays it on your heart to come back east, you better listen! for now, i will be satisfied to see you every couple of months. :) see you very, very soon!!!!

  2. ...and I am very thankful for you, my real friend...

  3. uh.... are you trying to say you think I'm fat?!!!????!!! hahahaha - that was funny! I love you too - my true friend!



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