Day 112: Random Thoughts

My thoughts in no particular order:

I'm tired of waking up so early and wish I could or had the opportunity to sleep in.

I don't want to wash my sheets today but they need to be washed and I would sleep better if I would wash them.

I want to go on a vacation. I really need a break.

I might get a pedicure today.

I enjoyed my run this morning but wish I had the stamina and endurance I had 2 months ago.

I wish I hadn't let depression from the girls leaving stop my running.

I need to clean my house. What does a sabbath mean again?

I want someone to buy my house in GA today. TODAY.

I want to buy my own house here in Texas and see all the delightful things I have had stored in boxes for the last year!

I wonder if all my stuff in my storage facility is still in good condition, still safe, still there.

I wonder if I will spend another Christmas in a different place with someone else's things?

I wonder why any of this crap even matters.

All that to say, my mind is busy and full of things that don't mean anything. I have a lot of wants and needs and wishes. I need to practice release.

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