Day 103: Moving Forward

Mike and I laid in bed last night talking. He needed a pep talk. I could tell he was clearly depressed, or at the least melancholy, so I asked him what was up. I know he still misses the girls in a BIG way. Not a single day has gone by in the 13 days since they left our home that he doesn't cry. He doesn't sleep. At least not well. He's not worried about them. He just MISSES them.

So I assumed that's what he was upset about. But that wasn't it. He said, "Do you ever feel like our lives are never gonna come together?" I asked, "In what way?" He said, "You know, with all of stuff spread out all over the world."

For those of you not keeping up, we live in my sister-in-law's house with most of her stuff and some of our stuff mixed in. (Which we are incredibly grateful for, so hear that.) But none the less, it's not our home, and most of the things in it are not ours either. "OUR" stuff is in a big giant storage facility in Georgia, WHERE we also still happen to own a home that has been on the market for 3 years. 3 Years.

So yes, our "stuff" is spread out all over the place.

But I said to him, "What stuff do we not have that we need?"

He said, "Nothing. We have all we need."

I said, "And then some."

And He said, "You're right." And he slept. (I know this to be true because I heard him snore all night!) :)

And today, we are (hopefully) going to buy a new house. It's way less than we can afford and way more than we need. But our hearts are different and our filters are different. More on that later.

All that to say, we are indeed moving forward. And soon we'll have all our "stuff" too.

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  1. does that mean you're coming to get your "stuff" soon???


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