Day 107: Hopeful and Fruitful

Today begins what will be another very short work week. The kind of week where I will pack 40 hours into two days, just to be able to keep my head above water when I get back next week.

I'd love to say this is a vacation, but sadly it isn't. I don't remember vacation. At least not the kind where husband and wife go off together to do something fun, or quiet, or peaceful, or romantic. Nope. Haven't done that in years. Since I moved back to Texas, and maybe a little before.

This time off from work is prompted by the fact that my tenants (in my house in GA that we NEVER were able to sell) moved out this week, so we have to go check out the house. We're hoping for the best, but considering the fact that we received 3 HOA letters about the OUTSIDE of our house, we're a bit unsure about the INSIDE.

So, we're headed to GA with paint supplies and cleaning supplies and yard supplies. Such fun.

But, we'll have some good talk time in the car (hopefully) and we'll have some good alone time at the hotel (hopefully, wink). And who knows, maybe we'll sell our house! I hope so. We plan to list it at $275K, which pains me to type considering we paid $321K for it! But our hope is that someone will want a kick-butt 4000 square foot house, with 6 bedrooms and 4 bathrooms and a really nice finished basement. Then they'll see the price tag and say, "WOW, what a deal. We'll take it!"

All that to say, I wish I could say I was looking forward to the week, but I'm sure hopeful that it will be fruitful. (That's too many fuls in one sentence)


  1. I think I saw a lawn guy there the other day! It didn't look too terrible when i drove by. (Although i didn't examine very closely.) Here's hoping! Can't wait to see you!

  2. I'm telling people about your steal of a deal. I'd buy it in a heartbeat. It's beautiful! I'm praying it sells soon so you can make a home in Texas. Much love to you!

  3. Tricia, thanks! Wow. A home in Texas. can't even imagine. :)


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