Day 110: He Prepares Us

We always knew this day might come again. And it has come. And the first day of it is over.

Several months ago, God dropped two sweet blessings into our lives. In those early days, I thought I might have lost my mind, or that I might lose it yet, but God graciously equipped us to remember how to be parents again, at least parents of babies.

We relearned bottles and poopie diapers and sleepless nights and midnight runs to the grocery store for diapers or children's Tylenol or pedialite. We relearned the necessity of time management and attending to the details while you have the chance. We relearned the necessity of going to bed early because there was never a steady prediction of when "morning" would start.

But oh the fun we had. Oh the joys we shared. Oh the weight we lost chasing twins toddlers!

And then they left us.

But for a good place. A good home. With good people who loved Jesus and wanted the best for them.

And now they have left that home.

Back home to live with their birth mom.

And if I'm honest. That's scary. Not because I don't love her, because I do. But because I know how hard it was for her before. A conversation she and I have had many, many times.

I watched them interact with her last night. And they seemed happy. They laughed, and they played, and they explored. And for all of them it was new and wonderful.

I remember new and wonderful. And how quickly it went to "OH MY GOSH!" So I'm praying for her today. I'm praying for her to be exactly the mother that God wants for her to be. I'm praying that her children will grow up to be everything God has planned for them. I'm praying for boundaries for all of us involved. How much do we help, how much do we let her struggle, how much do we let her figure it out on her own.

All that to say, there is a reason God has been having me read Psalm 104 and trusting His design and His control. Over and over again, I can see how He prepares us for what is to come.

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