Day 111: Stupid Sore

I haven't run, as in really running, several days a week, for an extended period of time, in months. Prior to my running hiatus, I was running 3-4 times a week for about 2-3 miles each time.

And then I sort of just became an emotional wreck and only wanted to eat junk, facebook, quilt, cry, read. (That should be the name of a book . . . "QUilt, Cry, Read.")

I have gone out a few times and tried running, but my heart wasn't in it (nor were my lungs for that matter). So I've pretty much been walk/running, 20 minutes at a time, once a week (if that) for about the last two months.

But, I recently decided I would run the Austin Half with my son, Jacob, in FEBRUARY.

So yesterday started my official training. The Test: A one mile time trial. The coach said, "This is just supposed to be an easy run, not race pace." (which made me smile a little, b/c I didn't know there was a difference.) He continued by saying, "You should be able to breathe easily, talk to your friends, carry on a conversation." (Was he talking about running or pedicures?)

But I took his advice to heart and ran a mile in 12:54. (Yes I was running the whole time!) I didn't come in last. (Picture Jacob's fist pump here when I told him that news!) There were 4 people behind me and about 10 people in front of me.
My pace, prior to my running hiatus was about a 10:15 mile.

THEN, like an idiot, I drove home for 45 minutes (didn't stretch) and painted a bedroom (essentially twice b/c it needed two complete coats top to bottom). If you don't paint, it pretty much is a series of stair stepping, squats and bending. For 4 hours.

All that to say, I'm stupid sore today. Or maybe just the first part.

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