Day 108: A Funny Thing Happened On the Way

We did it. Drove 15 hours, painted, cleaned, planted new plants, met with Vicky and Darryl Jorgensen, some great friends and great realtors to list our house, had the carpets cleaned (ugh, tenants) and then headed back home, praying, hoping, that our house would sell.

In my boredom I got on facebook (love my iphone) and had a message from a former Texan friend who now lives in Atlanta. AS I WAS READING her message, my phone rang. It was her.

She wanted to know if we had sold our GA house yet.

To make a VERY LONG STORY shorter, we ended up renting them our house! We are soooo excited about the way it all turned out.

Our house is still for sale, but until it sells, we have such great peace just knowing that some great folks live there.

All that to say, God works in mysterious ways. Yeah!

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  1. love that! do not love that i didn't get to see you while you were here :(.


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