Day 81: Family Matters: Jamie and Will

My niece, Jamie, got married this weekend to the man of her dreams.  I know he must be the man of her dreams because she told me that she wasn't likely to get married unless she came across the perfect man (which I'm guessing she didn't think existed!) 

And then she met Will Page.  From the day I found out she was engaged, I lovingly referred to Will as "Mr. Perfect."

She was a beautiful bride, though in truth I have never seen an ugly bride, so perhaps I should say she was an exceptionally beautiful bride. 

Jamie was born partly at home, partly in a car on the way to the hospital, and partly on the gurney on her way into the small town hospital that did not deliver babies . . . until that day. 

The story of Jamie's birth is a funny one, though not one I'll share today.  But I do want you to imagine Jamie's mom, with a crowning baby (that's pregnancy talk for the baby was COMING OUT) in a car with a screaming husband telling her, "DON'T PUSH!  YOU WILL NOT HAVE THAT BABY IN THIS CAR!"

That's Jamie for you.  She's unconventional.  She does things her way.  In her time.  And perhaps that is the most endearing thing to me about her. 

She is loving, and kind, and generous, and believes the best about most everyone.  And even if she doesn't believe the best about them, you'd probably never know it.  I just love that red head!

Jamie asked me to perform her wedding ceremony, which was such a sweet blessing for me.   It was my 4th one, ever.  My first one was for a friend and the whole ceremony was only 3 minutes long (at the request of the bride). The second one was my brother's wedding. (His expectations weren't too high!)  The third one was when I performed the ceremony for Jamie's sister, Linda.  It was a small ceremony with just a handful of guests.  Very casual.  Very intimate.

Jamie's ceremony lasted 18 whole minutes from Processional to Recessional.  I was kind of nervous because well, I had to hold the written out ceremony and the wind was blowing.  I had to hold a handheld microphone.  I was worried my pantyhose weren't going to stay up because I had to stop and buy cheap ones at the dollar store on my way to the wedding (long story) AND I was standing right in front of a 6" wide GAP between the two sidewalks.   And at the last second, I couldn't remember how in the world that cranky wedding coordinator told me to turn on the mic! 

As it turned out,  I was so very worried about dropping things or falling in that crack in the sidewalk (I break), that I COMPLETELY forgot to tell the guests to be seated.  Finally one of the bridesmaids motioned for everyone to sit down.  I'm sure that wasn't awkward at all.  (My son, Zack, told me he was trying to motion to me to tell everyone to be seated, but I was obviously too distracted with everything else I was worrying about to notice he was trying to help me!)

Well, then Will cried.  Right in the middle of me reading why Jamie wanted to marry him, he starts squalling.  (It wasn't really squalling, that just sounded so dramatic. He cried very manly tears.) I was working REALLY hard not to cry myself, (which would have been totally inappropriate), and then wouldn't you know Jamie started in.  Goodness, they weren't making my job very easy. 

Finally, I said they could kiss and Will decided he'd DIP Jamie.  I'm sure glad he didn't drop her.

Then the rest of the night was your usual wedding reception kind of things.  Cupid Shuffle, kids break dancing, the groom wearing a ball and chain, cake and karaoke.  Yep.  Karaoke. :)  I don't sing.  I barely dance.  But we all laughed and had a great night!

All that to say, Congratulations to you Jamie and Will Page!  I love you.


  1. my family has the "ball and chain" tradition - it started with my mom and dad's wedding in 1959! When I got married all I said was I have to have the key - we are boarding a plane an I am sure they will not all him on the plane with that attached to his ankle.


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