Day 79: One Can Make a Difference

I am always just so impressed by people who give away all of their worldly possessions to follow God.  I'm also impressed by people who have amassed a mountain of wealth and who use their money to benefit others.  But I am especially impressed by those who have nothing, but just don't seem to worry about where tomorrow's rent check is coming from.
Yesterday, I heard the story of the guy who started Living Water and how he gave it all away to make sure people had clean water to drink.  And I have good friends, Matt and Tracey Shepperd who also have spent their life being the change to the world that they can be.
Recently, I connected with a woman named Sammie Smimmo (I've known her for a while, but didn't really know her story) and learned of her incredible riches to rags story.  Sammie was a millionaire, self-made entrepreneur since the age of 16, when she bought a beauty salon.  After years of making her fortune and living in the midst of a torturous marriage with a husband who was both a drug addict and a philanderer, Sammie hit the bottom.  Her husband left and just a few days later she was diagnosed with breast cancer.  She lost everything; her marriage, her money, and even her breasts.
She was homeless for a while, and that's where she developed a love for the homeless.  While living in a tool shed (her residence for a lot of years) and undergoing chemotherapy and lots of surgeries, she ministered the gospel to the homeless of Houston, Conroe ,and surrounding areas.  She felt like God was calling her to make ministering to the homeless her full time job.  So she did.  And she's still doing it today.
Hundreds of people have come to a saving knowledge of Jesus Christ because of the dedicated work of Sammie and her team of volunteers.
Sammie is about to embark upon a one year journey that will take her to 52 homeless shelters, in 52 cities, in 52 weeks.  A journey that will begin on January 1, 2013, in Houston, TX, and will culminate in a celebration on January 1, 2014, in New York City.  This project is called the 5252 Project and is the first project of 5252 Ministries. 
A documentary is being filmed of this journey, which will eventually become a book.  I can't wait for the stories that will unfold.
I would love for you to consider partnering with Sammie and 5252 Ministries by attending a fundraiser on November 8th (LOCATION CHANGED to THE CHURCH PROJECT, but the date is set).  A table of 8 is only $250 (tax deductible) and will include your dinner and entertainment, as well as some pretty incredible people who have lived on the streets and been touched by the ministries of Sammie.  There will also be a silent auction.  If you would like to purchase a table, please contact me directly at, or contact the number on the website.  
They only have 30 tables to sell and I'd love for that to happen for them by the end of today! (even if you can't attend but would donate to this great cause that would be awesome!)
Also, if you have items you could donate to the silent auction, please let me know that as well.  I will update this blog post with the list of the vendors who are donating!  And lastly, if you would like to volunteer, would you please email me as well!
All that to say, we aren't all called to travel the country to minister to the homeless, but we are all called to do something.  One person can make a difference.  Would you please consider buying a table or even purchasing an individual ticket for this incredible event?

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