Day 75: I Eat When I'm Stressed

Have I mentioned that I eat when I am stressed?
I have. 
Multiple Times.
Keep up. 

I am a comfort eater.   It is this fact alone that causes me to keep multiple sizes of blue jeans on hands at all times.  I need options people.

Anyway, when I stress eat, it usually goes one of two ways.  Incredibly sweet or incredibly savory.  I guess it would be called savory. (I don't actually know the culinary term for hot, fattening, and either slathered in a sauce or covered with cheese . . . so I went with savory.)

Recently, I discovered, modified and perfected a sandwich that you could describe as healthy (minus the sauce, butter,  and buns of course).

The best thing about it is, you make it in your crockpot, with FROZEN chicken breasts, and then you throw it on a toasty bun; and it's so incredibly good that you actually think about it days later,  and count how many days it's been since you last made it, so you can decide how quickly you can make it again.  (It also is so good it makes you forget all grammatical convention when describing it!)

The best thing is?  It requires 3 ingredients!


4-8 Chicken Breasts, Frozen
1 Bottle of Your Favorite BBQ Sauce (any kind)  (but save about 1/4 cup for later)
1 12oz Can of Coke (yes coke, not diet coke, not cola, not Pepsi - Bite your tongue!, COKE)

Put in Crockpot on low for 4-8 hours.
Remove chicken from sauce (the sauce will be very liquidy . . . that's another technical term)
Pull apart with two forks (figure it out or find a you tube video)
Place pulled chicken into a bowl and pour one or two ladles full of the liquidy sauce onto the chicken and stir it around)

Now leave that alone for a few minutes because you are about to make the secret to this sandwich.

Get some buns.  Any kind.  Hamburger, sour dough, french, whatever.

Butter them on the inside and place buttered side down in a hot skillet.  Toast the buns like this.

Then, take them out of the pan (most people would know to do this, but I'm trying to be precise!)

Now, take your bbq sauce (the actual sauce that you saved in the beginning) and spoon a little bit of this on your toasted buns.  Heap a lot of that bbq chicken (I think I am actually getting more country by the minute as I am typing out this recipe) onto the toasted bun, and it's done!

Serve it with a pickle or some onions or even some cheddar cheese if you like.  Bacon's good too!

All that to say, you're going to personally write me and thank me for sharing this with you.  It's that good.

UPDATED: Lots of you have asked for a clean version.  Here it is!
 Clean Version  Frozen Chicken Breasts, apple cider vinegar 1/2 cup, sugar free bbq sauce.  Serve on whole grain buns.  Use olive oil in the place of the butter if you like, but butter's okay too!


  1. It is good. I love things you can throw in the crockpot frozen!

  2. The term you're looking for to complement "sweet" is "umami," a Japanese term referring to what most experts now accept as a fifth taste along with sweet, salty, sour and bitter. It refers to the savory flavor in, for example, meat and cheese.

  3. Ahem...I feel like we need an intervention. I can come over at 5:30 in the morning to be your workout pal...just remember :)

  4. Okay girlfriend~ making it for small group tomorrow night, I'm countin' on ya!

    Big hugs! C

  5. Ok Carol this is a real keeper as i too am a stress eater. You may know this about me because i'm your mom.

  6. I'm going to try it tomorrow on Wheel and let u know the verdict! Can't wait!

  7. ha ha, Jamie! He'll love it. It is so easy! The toasted buns really are the secret!


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