All That to Say: Happy Birthday Zack Jones

A long time ago, when I first started blogging, I asked Zack for permission to write about him for his birthday.   He hesitantly allowed me to write about him, but only as long as I agreed not to tell stupid stories about him.  But that was years ago, and well, he's quite used to me telling stupid stories, sappy stories, sad stories, whatever kind of stories I want to tell, so I don't ask anymore. 

Truth is, I think if I didn't write a birthday post about him, he'd be upset. 

Well, as I was trying to decide what to write, I went back through and reread all the birthday posts I've written about him.

And once THAT cryfest was over, I sat deep in thought for a while and decided I'd make a list of some secret facts about Zack that the world should know.


1.  Zack can dance.  I mean, really, really well.  He tries to pretend like he can't, but he can.  Like Michael Jackson well.  I've seen it.  A few others have as well.  I'd like to say he got it from me, but he didn't.  I have rhythm, but THAT rhythm did not come from me.  (And it most ASSUREDLY did not come from his father.)

2.  Zack has pretty much always been know for his "hair flair" but it was epic when he was in 5th grade.  Other 5th grade boys' moms would call and ask me who did his hair.  This was not the case when he had a mohawk.  Other boys' moms called me then too.  Different reason.

3.  Zack once sang, "Who's in the House" by Carmen at his birthday party.  I have it on video.  I can be bought.

4.  You cannot suddenly awaken Zack Jones.  Bad things will happen.  You will most likely end up either punched or laughing hysterically at Zack's expense.  I have a million famous quotes that Zack has made upon being awakened suddenly.  Perhaps my favorite is, "Say your name!  Say your name!"  That won't be funny to you, but trust me, two people in this world are wetting their pants right now from laughing!

5. Zack can build the most incredible tents out of chairs and blankets and lamps and other pieces of furniture.  I have already used the word "epic" in this post, but seriously, they are epic.

6. You can throw up on Zack, and it pretty much won't phase him.  I saw his little sister throw up on him once.  Nothing.  He didn't even flinch.  Just cleaned her up, talking soothing words to her the whole time.  Maybe it's a super power.

7. Zack is incredibly smart.  Like genius level smart.  Technically people probably do know this about him.  When you're smart, it just oozes out of you.  He would like to use this gift on Cash Cab.

8. Zack once ribbon danced at school.  With a ribbon.  That he twirled.  I have a picture.

9. He played lacrosse.  (I felt the need to mention that after #8).  He also played baseball and soccer and ran cross country.

10.  He knows as much about the Bible as he does movie quotes.  That's probably more to do with Vicki York (his7th grade Bible Teacher) than me.  But I wanted to say something that made me sound like an awesome parent.

11.  He had a stuffed puppy named Dylan that he slept with until he was in jr. school.

12.  He played lacrosse. (I felt the need to mention that again.)

13.  Zack broke his back once jumping off a cliff.

14.  He hates it when people say "Creatives" instead of "Creative people."  I don't care.  I say "Creatives" whenever I want.

15.  He is left-handed but plays every sport right handed and evens plays the guitar right handed.

16.  He is an incredible writer. 

17. He was 5 weeks post-mature.  He likes to do things his way.  Always has.  He weighed 9.11 at birth but was sick and was placed in an incubator next to a baby that weighed 15 oz.  That was interesting.

18. He is incredibly well-read.  A true fan of classic literature.

19.  I gave him his first guitar lesson.  That's more about me than him.  But it should be mentioned.

20.  He has a birthmark. It is not easily viewed. I'll leave you guessing.

I could go on.  But I'm starting to think of things he'd absolutely KILL me for writing, so I will leave it at that.  But you feel free to add your thoughts about Zack in the comments section!

All that to say, Happy Birthday Zack Jones.  You're diverse and special and awesome.  And those aren't code words that only a mother uses.  I heart you.  You are incredible in so many ways, and I hope you always know that. 

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