All That to Say: Laughter is Good

You might be disappointed to know this is not going to be a life-changing, thought-provoking blog post.  It is simply a funny moment that happened in our house, and I wanted to share it with you.

When you have little kids, around pretty much any holiday people start asking them questions like "Are you excited about Christmas, Easter, Valentines Day?" etc.  When it's close to school starting they ask, "Are you excited about school starting?"  When it's close to Christmas most people ask, "What is Santa going to bring you?"

So the question these days is, "What are you going to be for Halloween?" 

The other day, Christina asked Shannay what she was going to be for Halloween and she said, "A princess."  Christina said, "What kind of princess?" and Shannay said, "A beautiful princess." (Duh!)

So the rest of the conversation played out like this:

Christina: "What's Nikki going to be?"
Shannay:  "A princess."  (Again, duh?  We're twins Christina.)

Christina:  "What am I going to be?"
Shannay:  "A bat."  (We all laughed . . . a bat?  Really?)

Christina: "What's mama going to be?"
Shannay:  "A bat."  (Things come in twos in her world!)

Christina: "What's Pawpaw going to be?"
Shannay:  "A prince."

Christina:  "What's Jacob going to be?"
Shannay:  "A prince."  (again, things come in twos in her world!)

Christina:  "What's Daddy going to be?"
Shannay:  "A alligator." 

Christina:  "What's Zack going to be?"
At this point we can pretty much guess what she's going to say because everything comes in twos.

Christina:  "What's Zack going to be?"
Shannay:   "A boy fairy."

BAHAHAHAHAAAAA!  We all laughed hysterically!  Even Zack.

Zack: (to Shannay)  "So you and Nikki are going to be princesses.  Pawpaw and Jacob are going to be princes.  Mama and Christina are going to be bats.  Daddy is an alligator.  And I'M a BOY FAIRY?  What if I want to be something else?  What can I be?"

Shannay:  "A butterfly."


Sorry Zack.

All that to say, laughter is good for the heart.  It's a good thing Zack is a good sport.  (Though he could be heard saying under his breath as he walked down the stairs, "I think I just got the short end of that.")

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