Day 80: Weekend Giveaway!

I have blogged many times about learning to care for my daughter's hair.  I raised sons.  I don't do hair.  Take a look at my own hair and you could tell that!  I'm not like my daughter-in-law, Christina, who can use a twisty tie and a paper clip and loop, swoop, and pull her hair into a hair style worthy of a runway! 

I know rubber bands, headbands, hair pins, and barrettes.  And I only know the basics of those!  When someone gives me a hair compliment (about the girls) it is because I have adorned their hair with something cute.  NOT because I have styled it well.  But I'm trying people!  I'm trying!

Another thing I have learned about little girl hair is that hair products and hair accessories (yes, there are "accessories" for hair) are not cheap.  And I have twins, so I have to buy DOUBLE everything.

It's enough to make me crazy sometimes.  It really is.  Boys were easy.

Bowl cuts.  check. 

Hats for bad hair cuts.  check.

Buzz cuts for really bad hair cuts.  check.


Girls, not so much.

Anyway, in honor of girl's hair, my weekend giveaway are these super cute hair products ACCESSORIES from Mocha Baby Designs.

I've attached a link to her etsy shop (don't you love etsy!) so you can see all of her other sweet designs.  (She makes tons of other stuff too!)

Here's how you enter to win!
 1.  Follow my blog (yes, it's shameless. I readily admit it.  But do it.)  Sometimes that's complicated from a smartphone.  You have to scroll down to "view web version" and click that link.  Then follow me via the "Join this site" button.  It's worth the effort because you want these darling little holiday hair clips!)
2.  Comment on this post (not on facebook, well, facebook is awesome, but you have to post directly on this blog post.)  If you just "follow" and don't COMMENT, I won't know who you are!

That's it!  (well, also you can't be anonymous b/c then I won't know who the winner is, so if you comment as "anonymous" please type in your name so I know who you are!)

All that to say, I love weekend giveaways.  And you will too (if you're the winner!)

UPDATE:  AND THE WINNER IS DESIREE!  (Desiree, I need your address so you can receive your prize!  Please email it to me at


  1. Don't forget to comment. That is your official entry. It's how we created the drawing for the winner! I hope that ALL OF YOU people who read this post today and didn't comment weren't thinking that you've entered. That will be sad for you!

  2. Well I don't have daughters, but I have quite a few little cousins and nieces! I love etsy and I LOVE anything cute, and these are cute!!!
    So, "pick me, pick me"! :)

    Cathy Henry

  3. Carol, I hear you girl! I figured I would be a mother of boys and got two girls. I think their "accessories" cost more than feeding them!

  4. Those bows are precious and my little Georgia NEEDS them!

  5. I don't do hair either - so I understand. Unfortunately, my daughter asks for a new "do" almost daily. munchkin could use these instead of her bow that is now her "signature" - you know, to add some variety!

  6. Fleur De Lis Paperie is my (Desiree's) old business.

  7. No babies for us YET, but I am sure one day we will have some super sweet girls! We will definitely be a bow-wearing family! Pick me :)

  8. I feel like I'm a bad "girl" mom because I don't do cute hair! You are not alone.


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