Day 93: 30 Years

We met in the Student Union of Louisiana State University.  Mike was a grad student, and I was a young freshman.  I don't know how it is in colleges today, but in those days, you pretty much lived in the Student Union unless you were in class or in the library studying (or out drinking somewhere . . . LSU, ever the party school!)

My first impression of Mike was not all that great.  On many occasions we played SPADES together and he was the worst cheater in the world!  (Well, technically he was a great cheater b/c I never actually caught him cheating, I just knew that he had!)  He was cocky and arrogant and a tremendous know-it-all, and he had the most annoying way that he snapped his fingers when he won a hand.

But he was also brilliant.  And I was failing college algebra.  So we struck up a bargain.  I agreed to go on ONE DATE with him if he would help me with my algebra.  So he did.  And I made an A.

The night of our first date happened on the same night that I was in a bowling tournament being held in the Student Union (I know you're laughing right now, it's okay.  Enjoy the picture that is in your head.) 

When my friends found out that I was going on a date with Mike Jones, one of them handed me a quarter and said, "If he tries anything, you call me immediately and I'll come get you."  (yes, pay phones were a quarter and cell phones didn't exist yet!  It was over 30 years ago!)  Mike was a notorious womanizer.  Hard to picture, but it's true.  His reputation preceded him.

But our first date was, well, it was magical.  He tells me all the time that he knew on that night that I was "the one."  It took me until the third date (which was 2 days later).  And 18 months later we were married.

What an incredible ride these 30 years have been.  We have experienced so much joy together; the birth of our sons, and the unexpected joy of our daughters.  And we've experienced incredible loss; the loss of a parent, the loss of a child, and the loss of incredible friends. 

And as in any ride, we have had many ups and many downs.  There have been times that I have awakened and wondered why in the world I ever married that man, and times when I have awakened and wondered how I ever got so lucky.

All that to say, Happy Anniversary Mike Jones.  Here's to 30 more!  (That totally has to happen!  We have 3 year olds!)

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