Day 88: In Good Company

This past weekend some good friends came to visit us from Georgia. These are people we love dearly and count among our closest friends in our lives. Our time with them is rich; filled with laughter and good food, and catching up and lots more laughter.

There is something special about really good friendships, especially ones that stand the test of time and distance.

These are the friendships that add value to your life. They are the ones made of people that you might not even see or hear from for a long time, but let a tragedy or something incredible happen in your life and they are the people you call.

These friendships might not always be easy. In fact, if they are really good friends, you will have had some conflict along the way. Maybe even major conflict. But your ability to resolve the conflict and move forward most likely makes the friendship that much sweeter.

We were created to live in community by a communal God. I believe this at all times, but I feel it most deeply when I have been in the company of friends.

All that to say, we love you Ray and Cathy.

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