Day 86: Toe Woes

After my long run yesterday, I decided to get a pedicure.  Yes, I am spoiled that way, but don't judge me.  It's one of the few things I do for myself, and I typically schedule it after a really long run because I get my toenails done AND a leg and foot massage.

So yesterday, I got one.  I was sipping my ice cold beverage (provided by them) totally relaxing when my person started talking to me.  Now everyone who is anyone who ever gets a pedicure knows you don't want to be talked to.  You want to sit with your eyes closed and soak in the silence, OR you want to read  the latest copy of PEOPLE magazine.  You most assuredly DO NOT want to converse.

So she introduced herself (okay, I guess that's not talking, technically) but then that required me to say my name, and that was bound to open up all kinds of doors.  But, being socially savvy as I am, I said my name in return, which, as expected, opened the conversation door.

She proceded to tell me about how she and her husband were having this big huge fight because she asked him to go see a movie and he told her they just saw it two weeks ago and she totally knows he's cheating on her because she would remember if she had seen a movie and what kind of a fool does he take her for.  (yes, I know that's a run on sentence.  I was making a point)

Then, back to silence.  And more foot rubbing.  Bliss.

Then her phone rings, and it is set to train whistle.  Awesomeness.

She starts telling the person on the other end of the phone the same story she told me and then she says, "Oh no.  Really?"  And then she laughs really REALLY loud and says, "Okay, thank you daddy. Don't tell him though."

When she gets off the phone, she apologizes for taking a call in the middle of my pedicure and then tells me that she was laughing because her dad told her that he had babysat a couple of weeks ago for her while she and her husband went to see a movie.  APPARENTLY she was very, very drunk and had completely blocked seeing the movie with her husband.

Story over.  More foot rubbing, onto leg massage.

The lights go out (I wish I was making this up).

As we wait for the lights to come back on (I'm thinking I'll just have a really long massage) she calls her husband to apologize.

Finally, she polished my toenails, overcharged me by $5 (I didn't complain, I just wanted to be done) and I left.

When I got outside, I realized that having your toenails polished in the dark is not a good thing.

All that to say, Oy.

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