Day 89: I Can See

I am fed up with my vision . . . meaning my ability to see things or the lack thereof.  Simply put, I cannot see. 

So I am forced to have a pair of "readers" with me at all times.  Leaving home without them has been disastrous at times and embarrassing to say the least.

I have had to ask waiters to read menus to me. 

I have squinted so hard to try to see something that I smeared my mascara (now I know why old ladies ALWAYS have smeared mascara!)

I have called strangers because I couldn't see the numbers on the phone I was dialing, and I have sent hundreds of misspelled text messages, often saying something I didn't intend to say because I couldn't see that "autocorrect" had changed my word.

I HATE my vision.

So I finally broke down and went to the eye doctor.  And I left with contacts in my eyes and the ability to see!  I was so excited about the idea that I could see more clearly.

When I got home, I started to cook dinner and I realized that my stove was dirty!  Bummer.

Then I went into my bathroom to put away a hairbrush, and I realized my bathroom sink was dirty.  What in the world?  I wanted to see more clearly, not more dirt!

And then I made the mistake of looking up from the counter into the mirror . . . when did ALL THOSE WRINKLES get on my face?

My mom told me later that the reason that God fades our eyesight when we get older is so that we don't realize just how old we look.  Pretty sure that's not true.  But, as I have said many times, everything is a trade-off in life.  Good vision . . . see the dirt and the wrinkles.  Bad vision . . . no dirt, no wrinkles, but you pretty much can't see anything else either.

All that to say, I can see clearly now . . .

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