Day 91: Driving for Dummies

I often think that if I just had a road map to life, I would be a better driver (it's an analogy, go with it.)

No more wandering aimlessly, no more taking wrong turns, no more dead ends, no missed exits (I could keep going with this, but I won't.  You get the point.)

But that's just the thing.  I don't really think I'm supposed to be the driver because there is already this perfect trip planned for me.  The trip of a lifetime.  Complete with adventure and drama and exhilaration.  It's a great trip.  Not a trip without peril or pitfalls or dangerous curves.  But an incredible trip nonetheless.

And though I know all of this, I cannot help but want to drive.  Repeatedly I reach over, grab the wheel, and steer wildly out of control. 

I've seen the results of this. 

They aren't pretty.

Yet still . . . I want to drive.  I need to drive.  I have an insatiable urge to take over and drive like a criminal in a getaway car.  Because I think that driving myself equals freedom.  I mean, I have the freedom to drive if I want, so why shouldn't I drive?  Why shouldn't I be at the wheel?

All that to say, I've never really been good with maps anyway.  You'd think I'd be content to ride and leave the driving to the Professional.  You'd think . . . you'd think.

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  1. Mmmmm.... Good stuff. I like to think I'm a really good driver, when in reality, I'm just a control freak who needs to learn how to let go and enjoy the trip!


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